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Find Your Purpose And Turn It Into Profit

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What we don’t realize is that we are incredibly powerful beings. We are taught to underestimate ourselves, to compare, to compete – when the truth is, it’s the things that make us different that make us beautiful.

If we are constantly operating out of the ego rather than tuning into our authentic self, it will be quite difficult to pinpoint who we truly are and why we’re really here. Many people struggle with finding themselves and their purpose because they seek answers elsewhere, when all they really have to do is look inside.
The truth of the matter is that we go through life calmly and complacently, living happily in our comfort zone without ever realizing that we’re not actually happy. We’re comfortable. But is that true happiness? That joy that can only come from honoring who you really are? From living an authentic life true to who you are at your core? That kind of happiness is unique – but the good news is, it’s easy to achieve.

Why? Because we’ve only been sold this false ideal of happiness. The idea that everyone’s happiness has to look the same. A car, a house, job security, and a family of four. And for some people, society’s standard of happiness works very well. It’s comfortable. And that’s okay. But what if you don’t want to work a 9-5? Live in the same house your whole life? You start to think there’s something wrong with you rather than the system simply because it’s what you’ve been fed your whole life. But what if something’s actually really right with you? You might not seek security, but you seek passion, exhilaration.

You might be one of the few people that feel like “comfortable” is not enough for you. You were meant for more, and you won’t be happy until you get it. But maybe you’ve been settling anyway, and that’s not okay. Because you have a gift, and it’s meant to be shared with the world. All you inspired empaths and creatives, artists and entrepreneurs, you were bestowed your talents for a reason. You know deep down that the only way you can be truly happy is if you fuel that raging fire at your core and feed it by living out your truth and bringing your own unique spark to this world.

It’s easier said than done, yes, but there are a few things you can do to get started. Many of my clients struggle to figure out how to turn their passions into profit and what exactly purpose may look like for them. Many creatives and entrepreneurs are passionate about so many things that it can be difficult to settle on just one, but there are a few things that you can look at to get you started.

 For one – let’s look at the four pillars of purpose:
1. What are you good at?

2. What do you love?

3. What can you get paid for?

4. What does this world need? 

These four pillars are essential to getting started in your journey and helping you figure out how to put those talents and unique gifts to good use, even if you aren’t even quite aware of what they are yet. And yes ­– they are gifts. If you are seeking something greater in this lifetime, you have a gift. You have this deep knowing you’re meant for more, and that’s because you are. Your soul is trying to tell you something. Now all you have to do is listen.

I’ve come up with five more questions to help you get started:

1. What can you do for hours without noticing the time go by?

2. What would you dedicate your time to even if you didn’t get paid?

3. What sparks the fire within you – what gets you excited or even mad?

4. What could you talk about for hours on end that leaves you wanting to learn more?

5. In your happiest memories, what are you doing; what did you love doing as a child?

This is just the start. And this path, as bumpy and intimidating as it may seem, will be the most beautiful journey you will embark upon in this lifetime. If you want more support in finding that thing that sparks your soul and figuring out how to turn that passion into profit, I am offering free breakthrough sessions for a limited time only, where we will dive deep into who you are, your incredible potential, and how to build a life around the things you love. You can book with me HERE.

I hope this article served you well. I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights, so feel free to reach out to me on any social media platform at LifeWithLeeNor or my email [email protected]; I’d love to hear from you and support you in your beautiful journey!

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