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The Soulpreneur: A Life That Embraces Creativity, Purpose, And Success

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Soulpreneur - entrepreneur; also empath who seeks to give back or make an impact on others through creativity.
So what does the term "soulpreneur" mean to you? The word entrepreneur is often associated with success, but what about those who are searching for more than just financial gain? A soul entrepreneur is a person that seeks meaning and purpose in their lives through creativity. They want to give back or make an impact on others and will not be satisfied by anything less. In this article, we will explore some common traits of soul entrepreneurs and how they find success!
One thing that's for certain is that successful entrepreneurs have many similar qualities but are still unique individuals - which is why there are so many different types of entrepreneurs out there. However, one thing that all successful entrepreneurs have in common is grit—an ability to get up again after getting knocked down time and time again, no matter how tough things get.
The entrepreneur's journey is hard and not for the faint of heart, but in order to find success, they must be willing to take risks by stepping out onto a limb more times than most people are comfortable with.
Soul entrepreneurs often have an innate sense that their work has meaning beyond just making money-- though it's nice when you make some good cash too! They stand up for what matters because they've found something worth fighting for, whether it's customers or employees. Whether we're talking about conscious capitalism or social entrepreneurship, there are many ways soulpreneurs can achieve success these days!
And if you truly want to live a life that embraces creativity, purpose, and success-- become your own boss! Soulpreneurship is the best way for one person to start their own business without having to worry about anyone else's opinions. Successful soul entrepreneurs have learned this lesson: no matter what type of entrepreneur they are or where they work, it doesn't do them any good unless they're happy doing what they love every day!
If all of this sounds good to you so far, check out my free meditation on stepping into your abundance here: and be sure to read on to get an idea of what kind of entrepreneur you want to be!
Successful soul entrepreneur traits include being creative and courageous with an innate sense that all work has meaning beyond just making money. This personality type often starts businesses such as nonprofits, consulting firms, and artistic services. If this is you, check out some of the entrepreneur types below for inspiration in creating your own business:
  • Nonprofit Organization

  • Coaching and Consulting

  • Freelance in Creative Design (Videography, Blogging, Custom Art, etc.)

  • Creative Ventures such as becoming an author, artist, singer, etc.

  • Healing services such as therapy, massage, reiki, hypnosis, etc.

  • Artistic Service (e.g., entrepreneur as an interior designer, intuitive social media manager)

  • Service-Based Business for other Soulpreneurs (virtual assistant, graphic designer, copywriter, etc.)

You can get some clarity on your journey by deep diving into your passion and purpose with my workbook here.

The benefits of being a soul entrepreneur are many but can include boosting a sense of life satisfaction by being your own boss and pursuing your purpose, freedom to do what you want when you want, and the ability to give back in a meaningful way. But it's not for everyone-- soulpreneurship is a life of hard work, faith, and continual growth. So, if you’re intrigued but still aren’t sure if this life is for you or maybe you feel ready to take the leap towards your next steps, apply to work with me here, and we’ll dive into your soul entrepreneurship journey together.

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