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Meghan's Story  

When Meghan started working with us, she felt stuck. She had a beautiful dream and a passion for writing but for as much as she tried, she couldn't bring herself to write. By the time she finished coaching with LeeNor, she had not only finished writing most of her book, but she also manifested and purchased her dream home. Learn more by watching the video below:

Alexsa's Story  

When Alexsa started working with us, she was incredibly overwhelmed with her life. She had great goals for her career, but nothing she did seemed to be working. With Alexsa, we focused a lot on mindset work and goal strategy to help her achieve all of her goals with clarity and ease and without the overwhelm of stress and perfectionism. By the end of working with us, Alexsa not only found greater success in her work for career, but also in her day to day life as a career woman. 

Macielle's Story  

Since Macielle started working with us, within one month's time, she started a new job, took time for herself, made some incredible new connections, started working on a city wide initiative, was hired for speaking engagements, and started listening to herself from within. She says it’s been such a beautiful transition and she's excited for what’s to come next. Right now she's enjoying the present moment and absolutely in love with seeing this from just a month and a half ago to now.

Hannah's Story  

Working with Hannah was such a wonderful experience because she was so incredibly receptive to everything she learned with us in coaching. When she showed up on her first call, she was so ready to make change in her life so that she could live the way she desires. She implemented everything we spoke about from changes in her mindset and routine to exact methods and strategies to help her pursue a career path that will make her feel more alive and allow her to live a life of freedom that she can be passionate about.

Financial Results

Below are results from both service and product based businesses: